I'm a veteran tennis player
at Linkside Lawn Tennis Club. I restring many of our members rackets including our high performance coach Dan Smith.

I'm a member of the USRSA which is a valuable source of information about strings and rackets and am a USRSA Master Racket Technician.

My Service

I only restring and service tennis rackets as it's the game I enjoy playing. Luckily for you though I'm better at stringing than tennis!

In addition to restringing I supply and fit
overgrips, grips and grommet strips. I can also customise your racket by changing the weight and the balance of the frame by strategically applying lead tape and am happy to provide advice about tennis raquets, strings or tennis elbow (I was a sufferer for years).

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Location & Contact Details

I live in:

  Clova Road
  Forest Gate
  London E7 9AH

Tel:        07789 891390