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Please note that I am not currently taking on new players excepting Linkside members.

I'm retired (apart from restringing) and a social tennis player at Linkside Lawn Tennis Club in Wanstead.


I have intermittently suffered from tennis elbow over the years and started stringing tennis rackets in 2015 after the stringer I was using moved away and was unhappy with a couple of alternative stringing services I tried. 

I have a tendency towards obsessive behaviour. I take whatever I do pretty seriously.


I completed the UKRSA's (United Kingdom Racket Stringers Association) Professional Stringer course.


The following year I passed the USRSA's (United States Racquet Stringers Association) MRT certification which encompasses both their Certified Stringer and PRA certifications.


I maintain my USRSA membership and certification (despite the fees and annual update test!) as they are a valuable source of information about tennis rackets,  strings and stringing techniques.

If there's one thing I've learnt about stringing it's that with so many variables, so much marketing hype, quite a lot of well intended misinformation and everybody's personal feelings about tennis it's impossible to get it right for everybody especially the first time.


But I always try my best!