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I restring and service tennis rackets only. Apologies to any squash and badminton players reading this! 

In addition to restringing I replace overgrips, grips, grommets/bumpers, customize rackets and am happy to advise on anything to do with tennis rackets and stringing but have a tendency to go on too much so I thought it was time to update my website. Rebuilding it in Wix. I'm impressed  - super easy!


Note that grommet/bumpers have to be specially ordered for your exact racket model to confirm availability and cost for your racket. I will need your racket for a few days at least.

Important - String Tension and Stringbed Striffness

Tension is just a setting on the stringing machine. The result of stringing at that tension is Stringbed Stiffness or Dynamic Tension (DT)  in kg of force to deflect the strings 1 cm at the sweet spot. 

The Stringbed Stiffness is what you feel when you hit the ball and varies not just with string tension but also string type, racket head size and the string pattern. If you change racket and you want the same feel you should aim for the same Stringbed Stiffness not the same tension.

Having said that because of the variables it isn't easy to judge the tension required to hit a target DT unless I have strung an identical frame with the same string.